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Which this does tell you when he goes back into his flashback from how his mother died form how his father treated him and why he ran away and how he ended up in the end. Baby’s are normally seen; in the eyes of people, immature, vulnerable, not a person yet, can’t cope on their own and they learn from adults. When he is on one of his jobs in the rich side of the town he comes into contact with a baby that will change his life around. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.com. The work looks both at Tsotsi's own life and his criminal activities before exploring his own desire to change when, after a bungled car jacking, he finds himself in charge of a young baby. When Aap goes to raid the fridge, John activates the alarm. So it kind of equals itself out. He looks up to this baby  like a guru if you like to call it that. Realizing that he cannot properly care for the baby on his own, Tsotsi spots Miriam (Terry Pheto), with a young child strapped to her back, collecting water from a public tap. For race, as this film is a African film and the director is not african it shows it through the eyes of a different person. 2. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. It went on to win the 2006 Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film and was nominated for the Golden Globe for Best Foreign Language Film, becoming the first South African film and first African film not made in the French language to win the former. At the same time, you want Tsotsi to be redeemed. 3. The main part of the film is how Tsotsi looks after the baby, but what will happen if you took away the baby? In addition examiners noted mild language such as 'bastard'. That is how this can be within the crime genre. The word taal in Afrikaans means "language". So i think the 3 theories make up this film and it just doesn’t go by one theory. When he comes into contact with the baby he debates whether or not to give the baby back but as he is getting chased by cops he is forced to keep the baby in his apartment. Film information. [12], Gavin Hood was also nominated for the 2005 Non-European Film – Prix Screen International at the European Film Awards for his work on the film. They spend their time robbing, stealing and drinking. ( Log Out /  Structuralism is how a story goes. Pumla comes outside and tells him to give her baby back. Status: 15 uncut. As we are looking through the eyes of the ‘thug’ then we empathize with him as we can see through his eyes but if there was another main character in the film and we didn’t follow his story we would look at him as a bad guy. This is the first emotion that you see from him. There is a scene that stands out to me when he first has the baby and he sees a single mother with her baby and he goes to her to feed his baby. The killing of the old man. Tsotsi is translated into thug in english. An attempt to repair the disruption- He tries to look after the  baby but cant so he asked for help from the princess. This is the point in the film that he changes his life. When Tsotsi is being a thug and hitting people or talking about bad things like when a flashback happens and he thinks about his father and his mother and how his father killed his dog and he ran away and thats how he become homeless its at night. But the difference is that he learns from the baby and not the other way round. Its like the structure of the film, its what makes the film up. The baby starts the cry and Tsotsi picks it up to quiet it as John comes outside. The police all pull up and point their guns at him. See you around! Take a look around and grab the RSS feed to stay updated. Tsotsi. Tsotsi stealing the baby. By the end of the film his clothes change from dark colors and leather jackets to a white loose shirt and black trousers. When Tsotsi takes the child to Miriam a second time, she asks him to leave the boy with her so that she can care for him on Tsotsi's behalf, and Tsotsi agrees.

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