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(This past weekend, Epstein died by suicide in a federal detention facility in New York.). “There wasn’t any sign that it was going to be such a rich, ongoing role.”. And in the real world, across many industries, women do the same thing every day; Prebble sees it in entertainment all the time. “They’re just perceptive,” says Justine Lupe, who plays Willa, the on-the-payroll girlfriend of the strapping and delusional Connor Roy, who funds her aspiring playwright career in exchange for her agreeing to try to learn to love him. Les patientes attendent même leur tour dans l'escalier lorsque la salle d'attente est comble[3]. “You’re marrying a man fathoms beneath you because you don’t want to risk being betrayed.” Shiv fled in tears, and Logan was, of course, correct; he didn’t rise from nothing to be a global rainmaker without getting pretty good at figuring out what bruises he could poke along the way. Auch, wenn Kendall bei der feindlichen Übernahme im letzten Moment einen Rückzieher gemacht hat, will sich Logans Erzfeind Sandy (Larry Pine) noch lange nicht geschlagen geben. En 1918, Karolina Widerström crée une commission de femmes-médecins (aujourd'hui appelée Kvinnliga Läkares Förening, KLF). “I didn’t have the scripts,” she remembers, “just these isolated scenes.” So without much to work with, she relied on her feminine instincts to fill in the blanks. And now, with Succession returning for its second season on Sunday night, she is thriving within the show’s gnarled, lush ecosystem, her character both deeply rooted and in bloom. Star Trek - Discovery: That Hope Is You, Part 1 - Review, Marvel's Helstrom: Mother's Little Helpers - Review der Pilotepisode, Dexter: Revival soll ein Neuanfang sein, aber nichts ignorieren, Diese Apple TV+ Serien sind derzeit kostenlos zu bingen, Netflix lizenziert weiter koreanische Serien, Outlander: Staffel 4 online im Stream und TV, 4 Blocks: Staffel 2 online im Stream und TV. Oh ja, und der epische Soundtrack muss natürlich ebenfalls Erwähnung finden. When it comes to sex scenes, for example, Succession has an institutional aversion to “tits and ass,” Prebble says, and to gratuitous couplings that do nothing to advance plot. The writing nails an extraordinary range of tones, each series commencing with a knockabout energy that tightens into tragedy by its close. As he asks for the brief, she reflexively corrects Logan's use of the word 'corporal' instead of 'corporate'; but then quickly shutters when he gives her a dirty look. Karolina Widerström est présente sur tous les fronts, autant pour les questions de santé, demander qu'à travail égal, les femmes obtiennent un salaire égal à celui des hommes, la création d'une allocation familiale que la reconnaissance de droits de succession des enfants illégitimes [ 1 ] . Und strenggenommen gibt es sogar noch einen weiteren Sohn, der deutlich älter ist, aber keinerlei Interesse am Familienerbe zeigt... Außerdem sprechen alle Figuren ein wenig hochgestochen, obwohl sie auch vielen Kraftausdrücken frönen. She wrote a play with the self-explanatory title Enron, which premiered to rave reviews in London in 2009, and from 2007 to 2011 she adapted an anonymous sex worker blog into the television series Secret Diary of a Call Girl. “I was sitting there in the trailer with Holly Hunter,” says Lupe, “being like, I’m not trying to fangirl out, but I’ve got to say, like, I can’t believe you’re there, and I’m here!” It stands to reason that the show’s vivid and realistic treatment of women was not lost on a performer like Hunter—or like Berlin, or Annabelle Dexter-Jones, or Cherry Jones, whose upcoming performance as the head of an old-money family is a real masterpiece. Der Comedy-Drama-Hybrid Succession beendete seine exzellente erste Staffel letztes Jahr mit Kendalls (Jeremy Strong) gescheitertem Versuch, das Medienkonglomerat seines Vaters Logan (Brian Cox) zu kapern. [11], Karolina and the team are taking notes on the breaking news about the Cruise Line Scandal. (Another Season 2 newcomer, Jeannie Berlin, also exudes this kind of powerful business broad energy, while Cherry Jones straight-up buzzes with WASP sting, a patrician foil to Logan’s patriarch.) “That’s where I was like, oh, yeah, that’s my entry point.”. [10], Karolina flew overseas with Logan and his family to Dundee, Scotland. Shiv made the call to tell her father the next day. Two days alter at breakfast, Karolina informs Logan, Frank, and Ken that Moe’s was the mole, but passed away the night before. Vieles hat sich seitdem allerdings noch bedrohlicher entwickelt als befürchtet, was vielleicht erklären könnte, wieso sich die Serie in ihrer zweiten Staffel nun doch noch etwas ernster anfühlt als bisher. A comedy that gets less funny as it goes along? Neben jeder Menge Fanservice in Sachen Bromance zwischen Greg und Tom darf im Hintergrund auch gerne wieder nach kleinen Easter Eggs Ausschau gehalten werden. The only ‘journey’ we’re taken on here stops off at every circle of hell. @BoJackBockman folgen !function (d, s, id) { Asked what drew her to write scripts about corporations (another of her plays takes place during a pharmaceutical trial), she says that she finds it strange that more writers aren’t interested in tackling structures and systems, given the influence they have in anyone’s daily life. This tends to happen with Succession, this sort of unexpected free fall into the uncanny valley between the program’s enlightened satire and the dark realities of the world, and while sometimes it’s on purpose, often it’s truly not. (Her research included poring over Lauren Greenfield’s big Generation Wealth coffee table book.) “Is this real?” was her disbelieving, and repeated, response. Gerry was a lawyer-fixer type with Michael Cohen–style duties, mopping up the corporate and personal messes of the impossibly wealthy family behind a global media conglomerate. Compared with Shiv, or Gerri, or some of the other women still to appear in Season 2, “I think of the sons as a little bit more either incompetent,” Prebble says, “or weak, actually, and cowardly.” Last season’s mano a mano showdown with Kendall had its thrilling moments, but Kendall was forever outmatched by his old man. ”There are virtually no women in comedy writing,” Pritchett told The Telegraph in 2002, “and I don’t know why, because 95 per cent of the time it’s great. They will strategize their own media spin and photographer. When Gerri, Eva, Karl and Karolina arrive they aren't clear on who will be the CEO in Logan's absence, and intend to follow the nomination committee and the board's plan in case of Logan's incapacitation . So why do I, like so many others, currently love Succession more than any other show on TV? And I was always the etc.” Not so with Succession: “Jesse has excellent judgment when it comes to writers,” Smith-Cameron says, “and is obviously happy to collaborate with women.” Having these voices in the writers’ room “does actually make an obvious difference,” Snook says. But soon Gerry became Gerri, and soon after that Smith-Cameron was cast to play the role in all its potent-subordinate glory. Like being slapped with the truth, not kissed by a lie. Après la mort de sa mère, en 1909, Karolina Widerström emménage avec la médecin Maria Aspman et, ensemble, elles commencent à travailler sur plusieurs projets[4]. Logisch, dass bei der ersten Annäherung der beiden Sippen - sozusagen der Murdochs (Fox News) und Sulzbergers (New York Times) im Succession-Universum - zwei Welten aufeinanderprallen. As a person who is self-aware enough to know that when she feels too strongly or loves too deeply she can no longer feel in control, Shiv has built up some pretty sturdy defense mechanisms. It featured Logan Roy—that lion-in-cable-knit who in seconds can go from laying low to leaping for the jugular—making two big decisions. Actors are given multiple takes to horse around, with writers lobbing in alternate comic lines. Succession ist und bleibt eine der besten Serien, die es zurzeit zu sehen gibt... (c) HBO. “I’ve always been more of a fan of the novelistic approach of people like David Simon with The Wire, for example, when you’re actually looking at how people and systems interact with each other to produce a certain result.”. It’s a show about how one family’s trauma can traumatise the entire world. Roman, bless his heart, is emotionally still a child. The series actually does have a plot point originally sprung from the twisted life of Epstein, Prebble says, but it’s not even Connor: It’s Lester, the lech who ran the corporate cruise lines of Waystar Royco and used his position to proposition girls. © 2003-2020 Serienjunkies GmbH & Co.KG, Alle Rechte vorbehalten. Though it would appear, only for the good PR. Kendall is sent videos to greenlight, to be run as potential obituaries to be run by the media. Le cabinet de gynécologue qu'elle ouvre à Stockholm ne désemplit pas. As the siblings discuss the future of the company, Shiv asks Karolina if they can delay the statement until things are clearer. It famously uses wealth consultants, who advised the actors on behaving like the filthily rich – with suggestions such as not ducking when they exit a helicopter (after all, they’ve been climbing in and out of them their entire lives), or wearing coats because they’ll be stepping straight from the mansion into a limousine. À partir de 1897, Karolina Widerström donne des cours d'éducation sexuelle à des femmes adultes concernant l'hygiène sexuelle, l'anatomie, la procréation, les maladies sexuellement transmissibles ainsi que les moyens d'éviter une grossesse[5]. Karolina suggest that they can make a holding statements, and that she would be open to their inputs on how to 'finesse' it. Prebble calls it “slightly heartbreaking” to watch Shiv go against her self-protective instincts and exhibit true vulnerability, and indeed, seeing the cracks in Shiv’s armor begin to develop in the Season 2 premiere is hard to watch. She is still that lawyer-fixer type, with those Michael Cohen–style duties, but she’s also the “fairy godmother” to Logan’s only daughter, Siobhan, and the one to reassure his youngest son, Roman, that a failed rocket launch only blew off a few thumbs (oh, and maybe an arm).

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