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He also had country number 1 hits with such war songs as ‘Smoke On The Water’, ‘Stars And Stripes At Iwo Jima’, ‘Silver Dew On The Blue Grass Tonight’ and ‘White Cross At Okinawa’. He was reunited with Tommy Duncan, and during the period of 1960/1 they recorded over 40 sides for Liberty Records. Cooley subsequently played violin and cello in school orchestras, and also began playing fiddle at country barn dances. Unsuccessful, he returned to Modesto and accepted a gig at a local club for $15 a night. The music of the two groups was markedly different, however. They later were sponsored by Burrus Mills Flour Company and became. He died 17 months later of pneumonia. Wills became a heavy drinker and by the late 1940s was unreliable and at times couldn’t perform. In 1929, he moved to Fort Worth. White, Timothy, Rock Lives: Profiles and Interviews, Henry Holt, 1990. He married again in July 1939, only to be divorced (yet again!) However, after a dispute with Daniel, who did not want the Doughboys to also perform at dances, Brown left the group in 1933 to form his own band—Milton Brown and his Brownies—and was replaced by singer and pianist Tommy Duncan. Mueller, Michael "Wills, Bob 1905. However, the date of retrieval is often important. Source: The Encyclopedia of Popular Music by Colin Larkin. He had several brothers and sisters, and they all played musical instruments to entertain others. The eldest of the 10 children of John Thompkins Wills and Emmaline (Foley), Bob was a sickly child and there were fears that he would not survive his early years. His habit of uttering spasmodic high-pitched shouts during the playing of numbers, such as his famed ‘Ah haaa’, originated from the days when, as a young boy, he performed with his father at ranch dances in Texas. Wills moved to KVOO Tulsa, where in February 1934, Bob Wills And The Texas Playboys finally began to broadcast and this time O’Daniel’s attempts to stop them failed. Wills left Columbia Records in 1947 to record for MGM Records and in 1950, he recorded his classic ‘Faded Love’ - a composition that he and his father wrote with some words added by brother Billy Jack Wills. He went back on the road to pay his bills and finance his nightclub. He was buried in Memorial Park, Tulsa, a city that saw most of the glory days of Bob Wills’ western swing music. In 1939, the demand was such that Wills decided for the first time to run a second band, which was led by his brother Johnnie Lee and also included his younger brother Luke Wills. (October 16, 2020). They began radio broadcasting as well as performing at dances of an evening. Bob Wills [1] Fiddler, bandleader, songwriter Doughboys on KFJZ [2] Texas Playboys Enjoyed Popular Success [3] “New [4]San Antonio [5] Rose” Influenced a Generation of Musicians [6] Selected discography [7] Sources [8] Known as “the king of western swing,” Bob Wills [9] left an indelible mark on The recordings were crisp and uncluttered examples of Cooley's best work. In 1926, he married for the first time and leased a farm, but after a crop failure in 1927, he and his wife moved to Amarillo and he gave up farming for good. Wills was by this time one of the top-selling recording artists in the USA. After an appearance on 30 May 1969, he suffered a stroke and was rushed to hospital where he underwent two major operations. In 1933, after differences of opinion and occasional drinking sprees that saw him miss shows, Wills was sacked by O’Daniel. (With Asleep at the Wheel) Fathers and Sons, Epic. music, His recording career was stifled by another Musicians' Union ban on recording that lasted until 1949. Spadella! . Townsend, Charles R., San Antonio Rose: The Life and Music of Bob Wills, discography and filmusicography by Bob Pinson, University of Illinois Press, 1976. In 1946, his ‘New Spanish Two-Step’ topped the country charts for 16 weeks as well as having Top 20 pop success. BIOGRAPHY OF BOB WILLS, KING OF WESTERN SWING James Robert (Bob) Wills, one of the originators of western swing music, was born on March 6, 1905 to parents, John and Emma Wills,on a farm near Kosse, Texas. His father (and the cowboys) used similar loud cries at points when the music or the whiskey moved them to feel that something was special. Licensed from Muze. According to Kurt Wolff in Country Music: The Rough Guide: "The Hollywood socialite and his orchestra were nowhere near as rowdy and loose around the edges as the great Texas swing bands of the 1930s; Cooley perfected a smoother, cooler, and in many ways slicker sound that was far more orchestrated than the music of [Bob] Wills or [Milton] Brown. Retrieved October 16, 2020 from Encyclopedia.com: https://www.encyclopedia.com/education/news-wires-white-papers-and-books/wills-bob. In addition to his film work, Cooley was becoming a hot fiddle player on the Los Angeles club circuit, including regular performances with Rogers's touring band, Foy Willing's Riders of the Purple Sage, and with Cal Shrum, with whom Cooley made his first recording in 1941. Shortly thereafter, Cooley took over Wakely's responsibilities and put together a band that included three fiddlers and three singers. Wills was named to the Country Music Hall of Fame in 1968, and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (as an early influence) in 1999… Wills’s band was called the Light Crust Doughboys (having been sponsored by Burrus Light Crust Flour) before becoming the Texas Playboys… Wills was married to five different women; his last marriage, to the former Betty Anderson, lasted from 1942 until his death. . He appeared in such movies as the Bob Crosby film The Singing Sheriff, and in other films, including Chatterbox, The Singing Bandit, Outlaws of the Rockies, Rockin' in the Rockies (with the Three Stooges), Texas Panhandle, Square Dance Jubilee, and Everybody's Dancin!. Contemporary Musicians. In 1940 they released New San Antonio Rose, which sold over a million copies and became their signature song. Walker, Bruce "Cooley, Spade Although successful with his music, Bob Wills was far from successful in marriage. They played for dances, did comedy routines and in November 1929, they recorded for Brunswick Records in Dallas, although the two songs were not released. His zodiac sign is Pisces. 22 February 1915, Walker County, Texas, USA, d. 9 August 1976, Austin, Texas, USA; fiddle), Art Baines (fiddle, trombone), Smokey Dacus (b. William Eschol Dacus, 24 July 1911, Quinton, Oklahoma, USA, d. 9 October 2001, Rogers, Arkansas, USA; drums), Robert McNally (saxophone), Al Stricklin (piano) and Leon McAuliffe (steel guitar).

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